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​Podcast setup and recording doesn't have to be complicated or super-expensive. It should be broadcast quality & virtually hands-free... and with a human engineer/producer.

For this client, we set up their studio, produced the intro and outro with voice over, as well as implemented relevant cutaway shots, and more... all using professional grade equipment.




Podcast technology is evolving as you read this! From reel-to-reel recording in the early 1990's to digital streaming via laptop today, we have been designing and setting up home and office-space studios for over 25 years. In most cases, a broadcast quality podcast studio can be set up remotely via phone or video chat within 1 hour!

Once we consult with you to determine what equipment you need for your particular podcast, a shipment is processed. Even quicker and more cost efficient, you can opt to source the recommended gear on your own. The next step: you un-box your new gear, and we talk you through the easy studio setup. It's that simple!

If your budget permits, we can even travel to your location and set it up for you.

Remote Podcast Recording


Digital audio and video recording services are achieved via broadband internet connection directly from your home or office space. Simply log in to our studio portal and your concierge Producer/Engineer will check the sound levels for you and your guests, then you begin your show while everything is handled in the background.  

While your show is being recorded​, your producer is working hard listening for flaws, coughs, stutters, and other anomalies to be fixed in post-production. For any issues your producer determines cannot be fixed in post, they will pause the recording, let you know where to resume, then it's on with the show! When the recording session is complete, you get on with your day, while we get to work, editing and packaging your episode. It's as easy as that!

Remote Vidcast Recording



With a high speed internet connection, you can stream your video feed to a concierge video producer from your desktop or laptop to our studios. As you have a conversation with your guests, we remotely switch the scenes appropriately for the best possible flow of your video episode. On your screen, you will see what's being recorded, complete with available real-time custom lower-thirds graphics, logos, cutaways, and more.  

With vidcasting growing exponentially, you can make it simple, professional, and virtually hands-free. 



You can't have an awesomely produced video or audio episode without a professional pre-produced show-open and closer. With the right music track, a great sounding voice talent, and all of the elements properly mixed, your intro and outro will set the quality standard of your fully packaged episodes. We work with you to find the right image, pace, sound, and the perfect look-and-feel for the video episodes. See our package options here.

Vintage Recorder

We don't actually use reel-to-reel technology anymore!

Guest-Connect  Services


Wouldn't it be cool to just pop on your headphones, sit in front of your microphone/camera and have your guest or co-host connected remotely to your show while somebody else manages all the tech?


​While you review your notes or get ready to interview your guest, were in the background setting up that guest for the best sound (and video) quality possible. When you connect to our portal, your concierge producer handles all of the technical "stuff", while you simply host your show. 



​Don't want to manage your episodes in-house? Our Podcast Management Partner provides the following services for your packaged audio or video productions:

  • Titles, show notes, and transcripts for each episode

  • Timestamps of content for YouTube

  • Episodic cover art and YouTube thumbnails

  • Scheduling episodes to release

  • Adding/updating episodes on website

  • Submission to Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, Google Podcasts, IHeartRadio, Amazon Music, Pandora and more

Podcast Smartphone.jpg
Live Engineer

Using a Live Engineer Changes Everything!

Hands-Free. Concierge. Detailed.

There are multiple things happening during an audio or video recording. Do you want to worry about all that while you are trying to focus on the content of your show? From microphone levels, hardware and online connections, marking time codes for post-production editing... it can be daunting! Let your concierge producer/engineer handle everything in the background while you focus on your topic and your conversation with your audience and guests. We already invested in the professional grade studio gear. All you need to do is connect!


This is YOUR Studio

You have a ton of options out there. Why not go with a studio that's YOURS during your recording session. One with your own producer/engineer. No Artificial Intelligence, no second guessing if your audio or video capture is not optimal. So many clients come our way due to the poor experiences they received elsewhere. Here are just a few of the reasons that AudioMenu is so highly trusted by those who grant us the opportunity to work with them:

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