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Was he really born with headphones on his head?

Self-raised on a u-pic tomato farm in Miami, Russ developed his communication skills by delving into deep conversations with over-ripened tomatoes. Eventually he began drawing faces on those tomatoes while narrating their adventures. That is where his vocal diversity was born! 

But seriously... As a young lad, he saved up for his first tape recorder from Radio Shack and would pretend he was "DJ Russ on the Bus". Eventually, he got a real gig! Following a solid career as a radio personality, voice over talent, and award winning producer, Russ played a major role as Creative Director of a modest sized media marketing firm. When he and his wife decided to grow the family, it was time to be a stay at home dad and build a company alongside that family. That company is AudioMenu Creative Group and the divisions it manages.

The video on this page is an actual project created for an awesome client. It is an example of what we do in our ScribbleVoice Videos studio.


Headshot 1971-01-01-Russ-Headphones_small.png

-Russ Riba

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